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HS3000 Series Microphones


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Hebden Sound Product Range

The prices below are based on the cost in Pounds Sterling.

All prices exclude VAT which will be added for all EU sales, carriage will also be added to your destination country.




Current prices for HS3000 series and accessories;

Product Code Description Price (GBP)
HS3000 Microphone pre-amplifier £ POA
HS10 Omni-directional capsule £ POA
HS20 Cardioid capsule £ POA
HS30 Hyper-cardioid capsule £ POA
HS40 Sub-cardioid capsule £ POA
HS3010 Cased omni studio microphone £ POA
HS3020 Cased cardioid studio microphone £ POA
HS3030 Cased hyper-cardioid studio microphone £ POA
HS3040 Cased sub-cardioid studio microphone £ POA
HS3010P Twin cased omni studio microphones £ POA
HS3020P Twin cased cardioid studio microphones £POA
HS3030P Twin cased hyper-cardioid studio microphones £POA
HS3040P Twin cased sub-cardioid studio microphones £POA
HSmc Microphone clip £POA
HSavm Anti-vibration mount £POA
HSflight Lockable case available as single or twin £POA


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